Rental Service, incl. insurance2019-02-20T11:50:11+01:00

Rental Service, incl. insurance

We offer:

Violins from size 1/32 up to 4/4.

Violas from corpus length 28.5 cm up to 42 cm.

Celli from size 1/10 up to 4/4.

Rental conditions:

Minimum rental period is 6 months. The monthly rental fee for a violin is 16.50 Euro, plus 1.50 Euro for an instrument accident insurance, if requested.

After our minimum rental period of 6 months you can decide to extend the rental contract is automatically on a monthly basis. The instrument can be brought back at any time during our office hours. The security payment will be returned immediately.

If you decide to buy the instrument after the 6 months rental period or later, the paid rental fee (maximum for 6 months) will be credited. The security payment is being paid back or credited as well.