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Cello bow made by André Richaume, Paris around 1950

A top class cello bow made by André Richaume for Emile Français.
A certificate by Jean Fr. Raffin is enclosed with the instrument.

Cello bow made by Louis Piernot, Genf around 1920

A fine cello bow made by Marie Louis Piernot for Vidoudez.
A certificate by Jean Fr. Raffin is enclosed with the bow.

Violin made by Carlo Giuseppe Testore, Milano around 1705 – 1710

Concert violin made by Carlo Giuseppe Testore.
A certificate by Eric Blot is enclosed with the instrument.

Baroque violin made by Johann Georg Rief, Vils 1796

Violin made by Lorenzo und Tomaso Carcassi, Florence 1763

Beautiful instrument in mint condition.

New rosin: Andrea

New top class rosin for professionals and music lovers:
„Andrea“ comes in two variations: „Solo“ or „Piacere“, each available for violin, viola and cello.

Many of our customers, including concert masters, appraise the grip of the rosin:

„You don’t need more than three or four strokes with the bow and you are ready to play.“


New master instruments and bows made at our workshop

We are happy to announce that we have new instruments and bows to offer, made by the masters of our workshop. We were especially motivated by the violin – and bow making exhibition in the Munich City Museum.
Below you can find pictures of our self-made violins, violas, cellos and bows.

Your Benedek Team

Self-made master violin:

Self-made master viola:

Viola 421 mm von Peter Benedek, München.

Self-made master bow:

Self-made baroque bow:

Self-made baroque bow 02:

Self-made baroque bow 03:

New carbon cello cases

New high quality and very light cello cases made of carbon at the lowest price of 769€.

Exclusive chinrest models

Three types of chinrests are handmade exclusively for our workshop from Tempel, the well-known producer of accessories. They are made of a very high quality of wood with an enormous precision. The extrem light-weight titanium fittings are also qualified for skin-allergy sufferers. All around the edges the three types of chinrests are softly and pleasently rounded, so the player has no problems with any tender spot at the chin. Another advantage is the possibility to hold the violin both straight and sideways and to change the position during the play.

Prof. Anne-Sophie-Mutter-model

Prof. Anne Sophie Mutter is using this model since childhood.

With her agreement this type is faithfully copied exclusively for our workshop and is availible in boxwood, rosewood and ebony.

Availible heights: 22mm, 24mm and 26mm.

Old English Style-Benedek model (not identical with the Tempel-model)

The favourite chinrest of Prof. Julia Fischer and Hermina Szabó.

Available in boxwood and ebony in height of 23mm to 30mm.

English model

With a wider plate overlapping the tailpiece.

Available in boxwood and ebony in height of 27mm.