Peter Benedek
Geigenbau München

Ulrich Fuchs, owner:

I, Ulrich Fuchs, have been the owner of Peter Benedek Geigenbau since 2021. After studying at the Munich Academy of Music with Walter Nothas, Helmar Stiehler and Fritz Kiskalt, I worked for a long time as a freelance musician and teacher. In 2001 I founded the company Fuchs Feine Streichinstrumente. As a cellist and long-standing owner of Fuchs Feine Streichinstrumente, I bring my experience in the trade and as a professional musician to the business with great passion.

Stephan Teichmann, master violin maker:

Stephan completed his apprenticeship at Paesold in Bubenreuth.
Stephan has been workshop manager at Peter Benedek Geigenbau for 25 years. During this time, he has carried out countless restorations on important instruments in our workshop. Every day we are amazed anew at this artist, how he can make instruments sound with incredible perfection and speed. Adjusting the sound of instruments has always been particularly exciting for Stephan.
Of course, we are deepening this in  collaboration between musician and violin maker and are delighted with the knowledge gained in the process.

Silvio Bendig, master bow maker:

Silvio completed his bow making training at the V.E.B. Sinfonia under Konstantin Krutsch. This was followed by the master school in Markneukirchen. During this time, he also worked in the workshop of Albert Nürnberger. He then spent four years with W. Boumann in The Hague. For 22 years now, he has been our man for perfect repairs, rehairing and complicated bow restorations. His self-made bows are in great demand.

Peter Benedek,  master violin maker:

Peter Benedek ran his business extremely successfully from 1972 to 2020, during which time he gained an outstanding reputation as a violin maker and expert in stringed instruments. Numerous luthiers who are now self-employed worked in his workshop during this time and were able to gain important experience in handling the most valuable instruments. We are delighted that Peter is still available to us for expert advice.